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The Paax Medical WLL is dedicated to pharma distributors for professional healthcare locations across Doha, including medical facilities, pharmacies, and physician clinics.

We fulfill prompt and accurate orders – but more importantly, utilize the most cost-effective and convenient solution for each unique need.

At Paax Medical WLL, we work with our clients from all over Doha and handle orders of all sizes. Our end-to-end services allow healthcare providers to manage their operations effectively and care for their patients with the products they need, without having to worry about complicated partnerships with manufacturers.

Choosing the right pharmaceutical distributor can be challenging when a lack of transparency from overseas transactions is involved. But our clients are safe in the knowledge that our system meets the exhaustive Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requirements and our products are FDA-approved. This, along with our commitment to custom-built service and high-quality inventory, gives us the pleasure of working with satisfied healthcare providers time after time.

Innovative Technology For Heathcare

The Best pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, dietary supplement, and consumables Distribution Company in Qatar,

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